How do I get started?

1. Create an Account

First, navigate to and click on My Dashboard, or directly to:

From there you can create an account for yourself and your garden.


2. Add your Basestation

Now you want to pair your Basestation with your account. Log into your account on
It should say, "There is no Basestation attached to your account. Add One." If not, refresh your page. It won't say this if you already have your Basestation attached.

Click on "Add One." and follow the directions to add your Basestation.

You will first plug your Basestation into the internet through an Ethernet cable, and power through a USB cable and power brick.

If its light stays red, then it isn't getting internet, and some first trouble-shooting steps are here:

Sometimes it takes a minute or two to connect. When it connects the light will change from red to green.

Did your Basestation light turn and stay green? Then everything is working great so far.
Enter the serial number on your Basestation and click "Add."


3. Add a plant and a Link

Once you have a Basestation attached to your account you can add a plant and a Link.   

Then click on the icon that looks like your Link with a plus sign to add and give your first plant a nickname.

Then you can click on attach a Link.
Follow the directions to attach your Link.


The Basestation will turn blue. 

Open and put batteries in your Link, unless they are already installed.

Note where the + and - are printed on your Link so that they match where you put in your AAAA batteries. We have two versions, so make sure your batteries are the right way around for your version!

Click through to tell it you have opened and added batteries to your Link.

After the dashboard asks you to, then click the button on the inside of your Link to pair it with your Basestation. The Basestation will blink yellow and in a moment turn to green. 

If this doesn't work, first try holding the button down 12 seconds and clicking the button again, and then look at the troubleshooting steps here:


4. Notifications

Once you have a Basestation and a Link attached to a plant in your account, you can set up your notifications.

Click on the settings gear icon on your Dashboard in your account, again at

There you can choose when and how you want to get notifications.

Note! You will only receive notifications if your plant's moisture is out of bounds. In other words, if your plant is OK, you won't get a text or email. You can check its watering and moisture level online from your computer or phone even when it's doing fine.

Enjoy your PlantLinks!


If you have more questions, contact us or check out the FAQ!


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