Tell me more about moisture thresholds.

Click on a plant card from your Dashboard to see each plant's high and low moisture thresholds. Click Edit on the card to adjust those thresholds. 

The areas blocked off in grey on your plant's graph are the out-of-bounds high and low moisture regions.  If you are watering your plant perfectly (but who's perfect?), your plant's moisture readings will fall between these thresholds. In the example graph above the blue dots indicating how dry or wet your plant is are about to fall down into "too dry" region, so it's probably about time to water it! 

You can adjust each threshold using the green up and down arrows to the right of your plant's graph.  Doing so will change when you receive watering notifications.

Here's an example of when you would want to adjust your plant's moisture thresholds:

Let’s say PlantLink alerts you that your basil plant needs water, so you grab your watering can and head out to your garden.  Upon inspection, you decide that the soil is still moist enough and that you would prefer to water your plant at a later time.  Within your PlantLink dashboard, you can then adjust the moisture thresholds for your plant in order adjust future notifications.  Simply click on the down arrow to the right of the shaded area labeled “Too Dry” until the desired level is reached, save your work, and PlantLink’s notifications will be automatically adjusted.

If you make changes that you would like to undo, press the Reset button to return to the original settings.

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