My Link is missing!

Oh no!  You've received this error message because our system is no longer receiving measurements from your Link.

There are a few possibilities as to why this has happened:

1)  Your Link may be too far away from your Basestation.

  • Even with impediments (such as walls, floors, etc.), your Basestation can communicate with your Link at a distance of up to 100 yards.  However, within a home or office building, there are multiple factors that can interfere with this communication.
  • Try moving your Link to a plant closer to your Basestation.  If this was the problem, your Link will be back online within 15 to 60 minutes.
  • Try moving your Basestation at least 4 feet away from your wireless router, access point, or other sources of WiFi. Even a few feet helps. Though it does not use WiFi, it is on the same frequency, and WiFi can interfere with the signal. 

2)  Your batteries may be too low for your Link to communicate with your Basestation.

  • You should receive a notification when your Link's batteries are low.  However, if not replaced in time, your Link will no longer be able to communicate with our system.  
  • Try replacing the batteries.  If this is the problem, your Link will be back online within 15 to 30 minutes.
  • For your convenience, you can track the battery life of your Link within the expanded view of your plant.



3)  Your Basestation may not be connected to the internet. Is it lit up red? Unplug and plug it back in to reset its connection.

  • Click here for instructions on solving this problem.

4) As a last resort you can do a hard reset on the link by pressing and holding the link button for 12 seconds.

  • This will clear the network connection for this link so to see its data again you will need to
    • remove this Link from any plants on the web user interface and
    • then go through the process to attach the Link again.
  • The Link may not reset if it is within range of a PlantLink Basestation, or SmartThings hub, or another ZigBee gateway. So unplug your Basestation and all other connected home gateways or move out of their range before resetting your Link. 
  • The Link needs power to reset, so leave the batteries in while you hold the button down. 
  • You will need to re-pair to your plant after a hard reset. It may take up to 15 minutes after pairing to appear on your dashboard. 

None of these solutions worked for you?  Click on the Support Tab to the right, or email us at




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